Transportation of goods

“IMEX” l.l.c devote a special care to the organization of transport of goods both domestically and abroad. Our company includes organization of transport, namely:
Local transport (within Kosovo)
International transport (in the countries of the region, Europe and the World)
The transport organization services we offer are:
-Transportation of all destinations in the world and vice versa.
-Client’s notice of arrival and condition of goods delivered during transport,
-Preparation of documentation and execution of freight actions related to export/import
-Storage of goods,
-Insurance of goods,
-Container transport
-Transportation of good with all types of transport (road, rail, air and water).
Truck transport
By cooperating with a large number of transport companies that execute truck freight transport, we can offer you the organization of truck transport, namely:
For small orders that do not require the entire pick-up truck, we arrange for a summary transport. So you can import and export excatly as much as you need, without unnecessary and inventory, at much lower logistic costs, and these at the time it suits you. In cooperation with a large number of transporters from Montenegro and the region, we can arrange freight transportation of goods at the most favorable prices, towards all destinations in the region and Europe.
To our customers we can also arrange full truckload transportation during import and export from all European countries.
Most of the rail transport is carried out through the Port of Durres. We can also offer this service through other ports in the region and Europe. We have excellent cooperation with fleet companies, so we can include all destinations in the world with container transport. Due to the excellent connection of the Port of Durres with the region and the cooperation with reliable transporters, we have the opportunity to efficiently and conveniently organize the transport of containers to the desired addresses with our tracks.
As we collaborate with a large number of floating feet companies, we can offer you the full container load transportation service and the combined cargo transport service at the most affordable prices.