Fright forwarding services are designed to help you finish your work efficiently, quickly and confidently. At any time we are open to information, data and advice. Imex has a license for performing the representation services of customs procedures.

Our efficient customs agencies, customs clearance and customs services are built to work you out of the whole complicated customs process. Our fright forwarding agency operate at these locations:

1. Customs terminal Pristina
2. Customs terminal Prizren
3. Customs terminal Hani I Elezit
4. Customs terminal Vermice

Imex offers the organization of road and sea transport as well as the preparation of billboards. With our many years of experience and continuous education, we can arrange for shipment of you shipments to all world destinations as fast as possible. We have valid licenses issues by licensed companies.

1. Customs representation:Clearance of your account and representations in customs procedures during import and exports of goods.
2. Preparation of customs documentation for transit of goods.
3. Customs representation of representatives of diplomatic consulates.
4. Transportation of goods.